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The group met at Gelhausen Floral for a photo

The group met at Gelhausen Floral for a photo op! In the back row from left are Jayma Schmidt, Katy Gilberg and Andrea Kerner; front row from left are Jennifer Blessinger, Amelia Sauer Wawrin, Bella Sauer, Lisa Ziemer and Teddy Ziemer holding court.(Photo: Provided)Folks from the Fifth Third family got together to enjoy the recent Florida Georgia Line concert at the Ford Arena. cheap nfl jerseys The sold out venue was a musical delight with two opening bands and a spectacular show by the headliners. Seated in the back are Gary and Lori Colberg; middle row are Julie Memmer, Kelly Gates, Lori and Deane Smith; front row are Don Shymanski and Brent Memmer.

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